Inspire Action

Why is it that we do what we do, why we reach for a dream or a goal or a vision?  What drives us?  And what is it that inspires others to take action in the same direction?  This last question is key for business leaders, entrepreneurs, those dedicated to a cause, or anyone who wants to inspire change.

In this fascinating talk on How Great Leaders Inspire Action, Simon Sinek shares a simple but elegant and scientifically-supported model for why certain people and ideas succeed and others fail.  You don’t have to be a leader to gain valuable insights about human beings and our decision-making process (and if you are a leader, you definitely don’t want to miss this!).

Sinek’s talk dovetails with some of the work I’ve been doing in my own business to ask the question of myself “Why?” — not the surface “why” (I love what I do and I get tremendous satisfaction from my work), but the larger “Why.”  What is it that makes me so passionate about it?  What is the emotion that drives me? And recently, I’ve become a lot clearer about that deeper meaning. 

Careerevolution Group is really about transforming people’s experiences of work.  I believe that “work” doesn’t have to be a 4-letter word.  I want everyone who feels that way to be able to shift from feeling their work is disconnected from what they really love to do, soul-destroying, meaningless, etc. to instead achieve greater levels of success in their careers because they discover enjoyment, meaning, alignment with their values, and a balance between work and life.  That is my “why.”  That is where Careerevolution Group is going.  Will you come with me? 

And finally, what is your “why?”  What do you believe? How can you use that in your everyday life to affect change, to influence people, to make a difference?