Job Search Guidance

A job search is something you generally don’t want to be involved in very often. So the skills to conduct an effective job search are like a muscle you shouldn’t have to use very often; it tends to atrophy over time.  Not only that, but the job market and what employers are looking for evolves and may be different to what you experienced the last time you searched for a job.

What you need is the job search equivalent of a personal trainer, helping you get “back in shape” as efficiently and painlessly as possible. Your professional career coach acts as your personal trainer for the job search.

Your professional job search coach can help you:

  • Clarify and articulate your career direction, goals and vision for the future
  • Define what a successful job search looks like for you
  • Identify target roles, industries and/or companies so you spend your time and energy where they are most likely to result in success
  • Strategize the key activities that will help you to reach your goals
  • Develop an action plan
  • Stay accountable so you don’t get sidetracked
  • Identify and remove the blocks and barriers you may be imposing on yourself
  • Build skills for the job search such as networking/connecting and interviewing skills
  • Craft a clear professional brand that communicates your value
  • Develop effective materials such as résumés, online profiles and cover letters.

We work with you no matter where you are in the process, from helping you discover “what’s next” through developing a professional résumé and cover letter and providing suggestions to update your online profile(s).  Similarly we can work with you on your job search materials from providing you with specific feedback and advice for you to implement yourself through done-for-you complete résumé development.

We also offer an online program with a step-by-step plan for the job search if you prefer a do-it-yourself approach. 

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