Performance Coaching

You hire the best people you can find. You give them the best support you know how. So why are some team members still not performing the way you know they can?

You’re not alone. Many organizations have employees that they would like to keep, but they’re just not performing up to your standards. Do you give up or do you provide the employee with every opportunity and resource to improve?

A third-party professional coach can sometimes gain insights that someone inside the company is too close to the situation to see. In addition, that arms-length relationship is often what an employee needs to feel comfortable admitting when they need help.

When coaching employees, we work directly with the individual, but in partnership with the organization and the individual’s manager to ensure we are aligning the company’s goals with the motivations of the employee. We love helping managers and team members rediscover how to work effectively together at a high level of performance!

If you have an employee who currently is performing at a lower level than you’d like and that you think they’re capable of, let’s talk. We’d love to see if we can help, and take that off your plate so you can focus on other goals in your business.

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