Why Careerevolution?

Careerevolution exists to transform people's experiences of work.  Your certified career coach offers career planning and management strategies and programs for motivated individuals, as well as performance and retention solutions for rapidly growing and changing organizations. We also specialize in helping new hires and promoted employees get off to a flying start in their new roles -- bridging the gap that usually exists in that crucial period between the hiring process and the first performance review.

Whether you are looking for your next “evolution” or a complete “revolution,” we have the programs and accountability to help you get there.


Career management advice and professional development tools to move your career to the next level. Get support to make a career transition, conduct a job search, move into a new role, gain a promotion, up-level your leadership, or establish work/life harmony.

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Coaching, consulting, workshops and resources to boost business success, employee motivation, performance, and engagement. Get on-demand support to increase staff retention, get new hires up the learning curve faster, reduce burnout, and improve team performance and results.

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Lauren Still, MBA is the CEO and founder of Careerevolution, a coaching firm that has clients nationwide and around the world. She has been a certified professional career coach in Denver since 2006 and was a de facto career advisor for over a decade in various management and corporate settings on several continents. Lauren focuses on communication, training, and generating individual and group success.

Corporate Clients appreciate: Performance improvement, communication skills, leadership development, new manager skills, onboarding/new hire integration, Emotional Intelligence (EI/EQ) skills, work-life balance, employee engagement, employee mentoring, performance review follow-up.

Individuals enjoy: Career planning, career management, leadership and management skills development, new job integration, job performance, work-life harmony, personal branding, workplace strategies.

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We are based in Denver, Colorado and love working with our clients across the U.S. and internationally.

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