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Custom Career counseling

Transforming people's experiences of work. That’s what we’re about. Career coaches sharing advice, guidance, strategies, and resources to support you in being more successful, confident, and happier at work.


Job Search and Resume

Skills for conducting an effective job search are skills you shouldn’t have to use very often; like muscles, they atrophy over time.  We're like the job search equivalent of a personal trainer, helping you get “back in shape” as quickly and painlessly as possible.


Next Level Your Career

Whether you are looking for a way to have greater connection to your work, make a bigger impact, do more meaningful work, position yourself for a promotion, or be more valued at work, it may be time to up-level your career

Are you a motivated, dynamic professional ready to:

  • have a successful, meaningful career without sacrificing your family?
  • receive great performance reviews, bonuses and promotions?
  • move beyond a plateau, ceiling, or turning point in your career?
  • create sustainable balance in your life, reducing stress and overwhelm?
  • use your innate strengths and talents in your work?
  • take a proactive stand for the future of your career?

Good News!

You’re not alone in your desire to have all these things in your life. Many professionals feel like they have too many balls in the air, and they’re just holding everything together so that none of them drop and break. It can be challenging to juggle a high-flying career, a busy family and personal life, and your own interests and need for renewal without crashing and burning. And even if you’re doing pretty well at that, it’s likely that you haven’t taken much time to contemplate the next 5 or10 years of your career and plan where you could go with it.

Nothing’s wrong with you, it’s just that you may be:

  • In “reaction mode” to deal with the constant stream of urgent or important tasks that are on your plate.
  • Thinking you can figure it out yoursel or do it all yourself.
  • Lacking a focused, motivating direction for your career and a plan to get there.
  • Missing out on opportunities to manage expectations effectively.
  • Struggling to complete tasks that will give you a real sense of accomplishment and achievement.
  • Doing what you think is expected, rather than what you’re best at and enjoy most.

OK, What Next?

What you need is clarity on what brings you meaning from work, where you want to go from here, and strategies to make it happen without sacrificing your family or your health. You would benefit from a step-by-step process to:

  • Get really clear on your values, vision, and personal brand
  • Recalibrate your mindset for success
  • Identify opportunities to shine
  • Transform your professional relationships
  • Develop a values-aligned plan of action
  • Focus on the right priorities for fast results
  • Create sustainable support systems

Getting guidance and support through this makes sense because we are usually too close to our own issues, challenges, beliefs and situation to see things clearly. Having objective feedback, support and accountability will help you create faster, longer-lasting changes in your life.

When you commit to the process, do the work, and are open to new perspectives and ways of doing things, you can expect great results! Clients typically start feeling more motivated, relaxed, and inspired within the first few sessions. By the end of the process, you can expect to be clear on your options and direction, be achieving more and getting more recognition at work, and have more of a sense of peace, meaning, and connection to all parts of your life. Your family and friends will probably notice a big difference too!

How does it work?

Lauren Still developed the proprietary Rock Your Role ™ system to address the issues that most high-achieving professionals face at some point in their career. Lauren’s 15 years of experience in management and leadership, Human Resources and HR consulting, coaching employees to greater success, as well as her own experiences and struggles with the corporate world and maintaining a healthy balance contributed to this unique model.

Our system supports our clients to increase their performance, confidence, balance, peace of mind with work, self-awareness, and use of their talents and abilities. Our clients also clarify their vision and values to set a course for the future, and generally achieve greater success however they define success for themselves.

Let’s Talk…

Are you curious about how to break through to the next level of your career without sacrificing your personal life, and whether this is right for you? Let’s see! The best way to find out is to start the conversation.