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Careerevolution Group exists to transform people's experiences of work.  We offer career planning and management strategies and programs for motivated individuals, and performance and retention solutions for rapidly growing and changing organizations. We also specialize in helping new hires and promoted employees get off to a flying start in their new roles -- bridging the gap that usually exists in that crucial period between the hiring process and the first performance review.

Looking for strategies and ideas to create greater success in your career or with your teams and employees?  Download "Top 10 Tips to Rock Your Role" today! Why "Rock Your Role?" Because we believe that work can be meaningful and enjoyable, and when it is, you are more successful. Just provide your email in the signup form on the right, and we'll send you pages of ideas on how to think about career management and how to go about it, and we'll follow that up with regular articles, insights, reviews, tips and more.

Whether you are looking for your next career evolution or a complete career revolution, we have the programs and accountability to help you get there. 

Corporate Clients appreciate: Performance Improvement / Communication Skills / Leadership Development / New Job Integration / Emotional Intelligence / Work-Life Balance / Employee Engagement  / Employee Mentoring

Individuals enjoy: Career Planning / Career Management / Leadership Development / New Job Integration / Job Performance Success / Work-Life Balance / Personal Branding / Strategies to Navigate the Workplace

Finding Success: How to Balance Work and Personal Life
Dec. 8, 2011
Work/life balance cannot be molded into a prescribed formula. A successful work-life balance plan is all about personalization and flexibility. Use these tips to determine what you need in yours... Read More >

How to Map Out Your Career
Oct. 25, 2011
A career map is like a roadmap of your professional life – it allows you to visualize where you are, where you want to go, and possible routes to get there.  A good career map will provide you flexibility, tools to assess opportunities as they surface, and ideas for planning your career management and personal development… Read More >


Serving our clients nationwide and throughout the world from our headquarters in Denver, Colorado.