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How to Increase Your Influencing Skills

When someone wields influence, or is able to effectively persuade others, it is a powerful skill. The ability to influence others allows us to be heard, effect change, manage and lead more effectively, and ultimately get us more directly to what we want out of work and life. Use these tips to increase your influence...

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Six Career Strategies for Turbulent Times

It's easy to succeed when everything is going right but when things go south and people and companies "hunker down" to "weather the storm," which has an effect on employment (layoffs and hiring freezes), consumption, revenues, and investment and innovation. So how do you succeed when success seems to be ripped from the very fabric of work?

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Words that Diminish Your Authority

Our communications are both non-verbal and verbal. In this article, we will investigate some of the things that people say every day that reduce their authority and influence at work and at home. Our word choices that may have the unintended effect of ceding control and influence to the other party fall into four primary categories.

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Career Boosting Strategies: Quick Wins

It is said that a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step (Lao Tzu). To boost your career in a short period of time, start with a single action, one that will give you the most "bang for your buck" so to speak. Especially when starting a new role, these are called "quick wins" or "early wins." But quick wins can be pulled out of your career toolkit and used effectively at any stage.

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How Women Give Away Their Power

Alice Walker said "the most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." Women in particular tend to fall into this trap. Even an accomplished, successful professional can at times doubt herself, self-sabotage in subtle ways, and back away from opportunities without knowing why. Check this list for ways you may be denying your power and influence, consciously or unconsciously.

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Keep Your Sanity: Managing Expectations for Success

Managing expectations proactively will increase your chances of success, a great performance review, and the resulting ripple effects in your career progression. The key aspects are effective planning and communication. Don't leave your performance and your future to chance or in the hands of others. Take charge and manage your career and advancement with intention with these four areas of focus.

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Set Yourself Up for Success in Your New Job

Updated on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at 12:48PM by Registered CommenterLauren Still

Congratulations! You’ve landed a great new job and you’re excited to get started. You worked relentlessly to get the job offer -- networking, applying, researching and interviewing -- but if you’re thinking the hard part is over, think again. Chances are, you want to impress your new employer and demonstrate what a smart move they made by hiring you. You may already be daydreaming about getting your first promotion or raise. But most new employees go into their new job without a plan for how they’re going to make a great impression, which can be a serious mistake.

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5 Tips to Boost Your Confidence at Work

When we have confidence in ourselves at work, we tend to be more decisive, assertive, and take more initiative. We feel good about ourselves, our contributions, and our decisions, and may act a little more boldly. Others tend to also view us differently when we are self-assured, and will often support or be persuaded more easily by someone who exudes conviction in their views. Try these 5 tips to boost your confidence at work.

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