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Transforming People's Experiences of Work

That's what we're about.  Sharing stories, strategies, and resources to support you in being more successful, confident, and happier at work.  If you've ever wondered:

  • How can I make the most of this opportunity?
  • Am I really in the right position (or field, or career) for me?
  • What do I need to do to really "wow" my boss and get some deserved kudos?
  • How can I be perceived as a real "star" here?
  • Who do I need to know around here to get things done?
  • Is there a way to manage the demands of work without losing myself in it?
  • I've done pretty well so far, but what could I accomplish if I had a vision and a plan to get to the next level in my career?

Or if you've ever felt alone in the "deep end" of a job...

...you're in the right place!

Here's the deal: your employer wants you to do well, but sometimes managers and organizations don't know exactly how to support you to get there.  There is often a big gap between hiring the right person for the job and providing feedback on whether you're performing like the right person for the job.

In fact, if you were in the top echelon of the company, you'd probably have an executive coach available to you to help you navigate the changes and challenges ahead.  But what if you're not already in the C-suite?

We're here to bridge those gaps. To give you expert advice, support, resources and tools to navigate your job with confidence.

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After all, how can you find the time to learn the skills for the job while doing the job... while catching up on the backlog... while while developing your strategies for long-term career success... while developing strong working relationships... while keeping your commitments to yourself and your loved ones?

Lauren opened my eyes to opportunities to grow that I could not see because I was too bogged down with mundane details. I left each session with a clear plan of how to achieve my goals, both short and long term.

Instead of figuring it out all on your own...

...subscribe to Rock Your Role tips and resources for managing your career (it's FREE) and you'll get proven tactics and ideas to set yourself up for success!

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Founded by certified coach Lauren Still, the Careerevolution Group offers programs for individuals and teams to help make corporate life not only “workable,” but also enjoyable.  Hear Lauren's vision in her own words:



Lauren has been a professional coach since 2006, and was a de facto career coach for over a decade in various corporate settings.  Her rich work experience includes serving in executive roles in a family-owned engineering and manufacturing plant based outside of Denver, as well as several years in Singapore and Australia leading cross-geographical teams in a large multinational company providing Human Resources related products and services. Throughout her career, Lauren's skills have focused on communication, training, and creating individual and group success.

Her passion and talent for helping people connect the dots between their current job situations and their ideal outcomes led to her specialization in the field of career coaching. Her clients’ success led to the Careerevolution Group’s formalized programs for strategic career planning, new job integration, life/work balance, and advanced techniques for improving communication between team members.

Based on each organization or individual’s unique needs, Lauren works with clients directly and offers access to other certified career coaches well-versed in the Careerevolution Group’s methodology and programs.

Want to find out more?  Read an Interview with Lauren and browse our Client Testimonials.  Want a sample of how we can help you or your employees "rock your role" and enjoy more success?  Enter your email address below for our free report: Top 10 Ways to Rock Your Role:


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